• Leah Brunoli

Soul Days.

Luck is for the lottery winners, not the entrepreneurs. 

“You're so lucky Leah”. Gah! That one sentence makes me cringe. 

I am not lucky, I’ve worked very, very hard to get where I am today. I work my tooshie off every day. I love it. I like to work, and I love to see our hard work turn into success, but please don’t be fooled by social media or hearsay. I still have bad days. 

Bad days makes me stronger. I don’t particularly like them, but they are essential for personal and professional growth. I’ve made lots of mistakes, some of them I could have gone without, others I know without them I wouldn't have learnt what I did from making them. 

I often receive emails asking how to overcome a slump, when a bad day turns into a bad month and a bad month into a bad year.  My answer is simple:  Stop what you are doing and regain your focus. 

It’s very easy to work yourself into a mess when you feel like you have had a steady stream of unfortunate events happen; I know this because it sometimes happens to me. Sometimes when nothing seems to be going right, you need to stop and go back to basics. 

First thing first is you need to work on your mind frame. If your mind is all over the place and you are always thinking of all the bad things you are going to get nowhere. That's enough of the evil thoughts, Tell yourself to focus. Focus on what you are trying to achieve. Whether it be a holiday, a new car, house, boat, promotion, whatever it is, think back to where your focus should be. Take a day off to help clean the soul. Soul days are important. Soul days are days where you do what you want, go to the beach, have a glass of wine, go to the movies, whatever makes you feel calm and happy. You’ll feel instantly better by having a soul day.

Surround yourself with the best of people. People that love you and have your back. Not the friend that tells you “I told you so”. She/he can take a hike. 

Sometimes one of the best forms of getting over a slump is to talk about it. Tell your mum or your grandma or your best friend, but don’t keep talking about it. Once you have gotten it off your chest, that it. If you keep bringing it up, your mind frame will not change, and you will be back at step one. 

Lastly, visualize your goals. How bad do you want it? Are you going to let a bad day affect your end goal? What will you sacrifice to achieve your goals? 

Bad days are important. Everyone has them. 

Stop. Take a breath. Start again. 

You’ve got this! 

With Love and gratitude,


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