• Leah Brunoli

Dear Haters

Dear Haters,

They tell me not to retaliate. I'm never allowed ever to say how I feel. I'm supposed to ‘take it on the chin’, “laugh it off”, “not worry about it”. 

My family and friends say its just jealousy.

Well, before you start criticising every move that I make I'm going to ask you, Can you handle a week in my shoes?.

To me, it's almost all a blur. One minute I'm an innocent nineteen-year-old opening up a little salon in the northern suburbs, the next I’m the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. 

Being the CEO is no easy job. It comes with pain, anxiety, tears and loneliness. 

I am forever playing the job of Good Boss, Bad Boss,  Good Mum, bad mum, Good Friend, bad friend. 

You judge me for what you think you know, but let me ask you this;

Have you ever sacrificed your happiness for someone else? I have. I do this every day.

Have you ever made a mistake and from that one mistake people hate you?. I have

Have you ever put everything on the line, in the hope that your faith in yourself can pull you through?. I have.

Have you ever had to work 23 hours of the day?. I do.

Have you ever had to choose between a family event and saving your company’s reputation along with 50 peoples jobs? I have

Have you ever missed your child’s Christmas concert, sports day, kindy graduation because you were too busy helping others? I have. 

Have you ever walked into a room and everyone stop talking because they were talking about you? I have.

Has your child ever cried to you and begged you to spend time with them? Mine has

Have you ever had someone call themselves your friend when in fact they are everything but? I have.

Have you ever negotiated a lease, gone to court, liaised with a board, oversee fifty staff, manage senior managers, create a budget, drive a companies culture, mediate between staff, ensure customer quality control, generate new business, create a marketing calendar, attend to customer enquiries and complaints, create 50 rosters, co-ordinate 6 brides in one day and rearrange an entire booked out day because a stylist called in sick 20 minutes before their shift? 

Yeah, I didn't think so. That's my job on a daily basis, plus still have to reply to 100 emails, take my daughter to school, and somehow I have to eat amongst that too. 

Being me isn't always what you see on Instagram. 

I love my job 99% of the time. 

You will never fathom the level shit I have to endure on a daily basis, but I love it. I create over 50 jobs, which allows my beautiful humans to fulfil their dreams no matter what they might be, I give opportunities to those who likely never thought they would never get, I create a solid foundation for my daughter in the hope she establishes herself an amazing and fulfilling life. I get to travel and meet hundreds of people. 

I do make mistakes, but I learn from them. I know who I am, where I am going and where I came from.  I might hold the title of CEO, but I am still Leah Brunoli, I am still a human being. 


to my dear haters,

I don’t hate you. I hope you can reach your goals.

I hope this blog piece gives you an insight into my life; I hope it might help you understand the decisions I make, and it might even change your opinion on me.

and if not.

Fuck you. Just Kidding (sort of) 

with gratitude and love,

LB xx

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